Welcome to Exe Duffle & Tote…

…where exclusive and high quality one-off bags are hand-made from recycled sail cloth.

Duffle bags, tote bags, beach bags and kit bags are individually created from real sails and marine fabric, that would otherwise be discarded, and stitched using sailmaker’s thread. They all feature marine quality eyelets and rope, and often include nautical features such as tell-tales and sail numbers.

These innovative, lightweight and quick drying bags are all different and are perfect both in the city and on the coast.

They are made on site at Rowsell Sails, a traditional family-run sail loft, that has been operating for twenty-five years on the edge of the Exe Estuary, Devon, England.

They can be purchased at Rowsell Sails or by emailing me directly via the Contact Page.

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