Exe Duffle & Tote was set up by designer Sophie Coleman, as a result of working for Rowsell Sails and seeing quality fabric left over from sail making and canvas work.

The design for these unique bags derived from a fascination with the Dazzle Ships of WWI and WWII. The ships were painted with geometric shapes in flat, contrasting colours that were intended to camouflage and confuse the enemy. Although they were not very successful, they inspired a generation of artists and still do.

The most satisfying part of making the sail bags is the initial composition of the artwork. The bags evolve depending on what fabrics have been used in the sail loft that day, and how they have been cut. These pieces are then carefully arranged to create unique compositions before being sewn up, and eyelets and rope added.

Sail cloth is hard wearing and long lasting, and will continue to age with you, getting softer with time. The durability and longevity of the fabric make these bags ideal for the environmentally minded.





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